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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

stepping out

Pl drove 2 hours to meet me, only to stay for an hour and turn around and go home. And again i am left feeling disappointed! He was sweet, funny, romantic but just no chemistry there. I was feeling a bit down last night when a friend reminded me of the 20 or so i have met, 70% have been dishonest about who they were, which is automatic elimination, and that only leaves around 6 that i just did not feel it with. So that makes it seem better! Its all how you look at it right?

So i am going to sit back, maybe do some nilla dating just to take up some down time. At least in the nilla world i have no expectation of anything happening. I have accepted the fact that nilla is not for me, but with all these Doms so far away, it leaves me bored, and much more apt to seek out trouble. So that is what i am going to do! Innocent meetings to occupy time!

I can never forget who or what i am. The slut always remains at the fore front of all i do or feel. And there would be no reason to delve into that with a nilla man. But i am bored, and in need of some excitement. So here i go....


  1. You might as well do some nilla dating while you wait for the right Dom to show up. Always a good experience to interact with different people.


  2. Thank You FD, yes hopefully it will help keep this ones mind focused in a "different" direction.

  3. Hello,
    knowing your blog and enjoying how you write your thoughts.
    I'm following it, ok

    If you want to visit us, will be a pleasure interacting with you.

    Hugs respectful,


  4. Thank you! Another smile... Always welcomed!