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Friday, February 11, 2011

Perfect Harmony...

Such a good girl for Daddy...

Ohhh baby girl you make Daddy so very proud....

Do you know what Daddy wants to do to you.....

Oh yes, words can do so very much!

I had a relatively normal childhood. A product of the 60's, both parents worked hard, we were what was considered at the time, middle class.

There was no abuse. There was discipline, expectations, routine.

So i have to ask myself where does this Daddy / lil girl desire come from?

Why do those sentences above just make me soak my panties?

I guess it really doesn't matter. But knowing the effect it has on me does!
Knowing my needs and my wants, defining them, fine tuning them, that does matter!
It doesn't change much, the basics are still in place.

Its like saying i like sunny days! Well yes i do, but not sunny and 40 degrees, i like sunny and 80 degrees! That i love! I can accept sunny and 70 degrees, but i want sunny and 80 degrees or maybe 90 degrees!

So i have answered my own question.

I know what i want, and that is why this search has taken so long! And no, being selective is not a fault, it is most assuredly an asset.

To settle on 60 and sunny, would be a mistake!

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