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Monday, February 7, 2011

on being owned...

It is a good thing to allow myself to "bare" it all on this site. How can it not be.

I do not hide this site, i stand here naked, my mind is open and in full view.

If i am too prideful to say what i feel, or for that matter what i am, then what would be the purpose of doing this in the first place.

Its about tearing down walls, walls that are used as a place to hide, a place of safety. Often it takes courage to allow strangers access. Often it can be humbling, and for me that is something i need. It allows me growth. And for the "good girl" that is a necessity.

I think back to the times when i was paraded in front of people naked at a lifestyle event, or the many times R would tie me to the St Andrews cross at the munch, or plant me on the sybian. There is something about hitting sub space in front of strangers that is very freeing.

It wasn't just the aspect of public humiliation, more importantly, it was about him, about the surrender, the letting go, about the trust.

It was looking at his eyes, and seeing how very proud he was, and knowing at that moment, he was where he wanted to be as well!

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