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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First things first...

In my search i have found it is always quite helpful to know if the Perspective "one" has a FL profile as well, that tells me they are serious in their search, well more than most, and much less chance of them being a Wannabee.

So enter IB, who from all outside appearances seems to be as close to the "ideal" but with a BIG twist. He is a bit "extreme". Which is both thrilling and scary. A ton of energy, but honestly i think the fright out weighs the thrill! But i am also aware, i needed him to enter this picture right now to help provide definition.

He is very much into the humiliation, the objectification side of the lifestyle. Which when i let my walls down, i must admit is a turn on to a degree. But i do think (for me) i could not live 24/7 in that form. I find offense at continually being referred to as cunt, or an "it". Occasionally, in the right setting, yes it can be hot.

IB is searching for the "profound" submissive. This is basically described as the consensual / non consensual slave. In other words, you enter of your own free will but once enslaved, all choices are removed, you then have NO Rights at all. You cannot leave of your own accord, all limits are removed. The ultimate "control".

In one sense i look at this as being completely freeing. When choices are removed, it would certainly free your mind, allowing your focus to be in one direction and only one, on him.

Yet in the same thought process, i would ask myself, but what if... i were unhappy, not feeling "fulfilled", what would i do then. And the question raised previously, what would i do if he wanted to tattoo my face... ugh, no i do not think i could do that!

Yes the thought has entered this ones mind, she has researched it, spent hours upon hours considering it. But once again it comes back to "him".

First things first!

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