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Saturday, February 19, 2011

calming the restlessness

It is amazing how easily i cave. I set my mind to "resist" and some how, from some where "submit" starts playing. I want to, but i don't! My mind tells me to hold back, protect yourself, and the next thing out of my mouth is "Yes Daddy".

The lil girl inside wants that safety, she craves that control, to release, to let go, to stop hiding, stop protecting it. She always wins! She is so much stronger than the woman that carries her, the woman who attempts to protect her. She jumps out of the womans arms, and right into rush hour traffic.

The woman is but an onlooker, hoping and praying she makes it to the other side unscathed.

And when the lil girl trips, bruises her knees, her elbows, the woman is there to pick her up, dust her off, tend to the wounds and carry her off to safety once again.

It is a never ending cycle.

The lil girl is restless, and the woman tired.

It brings to mind the "puppy play" time of the former relationship. The lil girl was happy, she felt safe, the woman was happy, she knew the lil girl was safe. It was just the puppy and R, the woman was no where to be seen. And when the puppy was all curled up at R's feet, she was happy, she was safe, she felt loved and cherished. She was free!

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