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Friday, February 25, 2011


It is one of those things that a woman such as myself needs only to think about and the juices start to flow. The power of it is amazing. The image itself brings tingles throughout my body and lifts me to unimaginable heights. It is something i crave almost constantly. It can cause me to do some very humiliating and some times degrading things, just in hopes of touching it, of feeling it, every where and any where!

I choose to not live without it....

I worship each and every bit of it, when ever i possibly can....

It is beautiful in all its splendid glory!

Is it the mind? the imagination?

well not really...

Ha ha ... It is the Cock!

Okay maybe it is not "just" the cock, maybe what is "attached" to the Cock is pretty important too. Because really, a Cock is just a Cock. However, when it is attached to something which i feel is also so beautiful, so fascinating, so mesmerizing, it no longer becomes "just a cock". The combination is what defines "him". And in worshiping him, it defines me.

It is the pinnacle of the Power Exchange. Whether that power exchange is M/s, D/s, or Daddy/ lil girl, makes no difference. It is gratification on all levels.

Yes i love Cock and all it encompasses, it inspires me, it drives me, it feeds my hunger.

I surrender to the Cock...

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