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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Putting the pieces together...

Attempting to identify myself with a particular group is almost impossible for me, other than to identify as submissive. I am slave, i am lil girl, but i am neither constantly. But i am always submissive.

So am i looking for a Daddy or a Master?

To define a Master, would it not encompass a Daddy?

I know i am complex, i am fully aware of that.

He needs to be fully aware and very secure with who "he" is. That is asking for a lot.

It will take an exceptional Man.

My issue with IB was that he was too rigid. He was always being the Master, and not the Daddy. I am certain that for someone he will be an exceptional Master. But for me, it wasn't a good "fit".

It does take more than just knowledge or experience. You cannot create "mindset", nor can you create "chemistry".

With V i already know the chemistry is there. With just a thought, "things" tingle.

I read the things he has written, and i see the "fit".

Clearly the mindset is there.

Currently he is struggling with some "not so good" decisions he has made in his life. The regrets of those decisions, are holding him back.

But the time has come to let go of those regrets.

To open up his mind, his heart to living life as he wants, as he needs.

i am not certain that i am the one that can do that for him, but he needs to be open to the reality that just "maybe" i am.

Just as i need to be open to the reality that just maybe i am not.

Tuesday is approaching, and this lil girl is filled with excitement, with anticipation and a little bit of fear thrown in the mix. All very good emotions...


  1. Good luck...I hope it all goes the way you need. I am enjoying your blog though I haven't got through all of it yet.

  2. Thank you .. that means a lot! I love reading yours as well and that picture of the good girl whore on yours.....
    "tingles" >smiles<