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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

nilla time

A pleasant surprise yesterday. I posted a link to my blog yesterday in a place where i knew i would be exposed to R and sure enough within an hour he was there. However, i was anticipating a barrage of "grammar errors and a list of all the things i had done wrong", but instead, to my surprise he was very supportive and encouraging. Thank you R! He does try to watch over me still, which at times grinds at me, but in the big picture, is really appreciated!

So i am meeting a nilla today. (canceled yesterdays nilla meeting in lieu of Daddy) Just a diversion. A chance to relax, share a few drinks, hopefully a few laughs. No pressure, no list of what i am to wear or say or do. Rather carefree from all appearances! And i am looking forward to it....

So the lil girl is off to chase butterflies, and hopefully get some much needed R & R in.

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