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Monday, February 28, 2011


I am in a bratty mood.

I do not feel well.

I do not feel like writing today.

Yesterday, just to put me in a foul mood, an old "friend" told me he was worried about me. After reading my blog, he told me he felt i was losing touch with who i am. He told me i was opening myself up for pain, for disappointment. (and some other not so nice things) It forced me to spend way too much time yesterday defending myself.

And it hurt.

But for some unknown reason, inside, i think that was his intention from the beginning.

To hurt me, to make me feel more vulnerable.

He knew i was excited about my upcoming "date".

With friends, i anticipate support. But when jealousy and the need to control come into the mix, it causes me to re examine motivations.

So today i will spend my time neatly wrapping up that conversation into a nice little box, and sticking it far away in a little corner in the closet. Not forgetting the conversation, but also paying no heed to the mean words exchanged.

Tomorrow will be a beautiful day, and i will dance tomorrow.

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