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Friday, February 18, 2011

so as ideas go...

Yes nilla seemed the way to go, huh, well maybe it was just the wrong one but i sat there thinking what the hell am i doing here. Nice man, not bad looking, but god he talked incessantly about ... birds! I am now very educated in the local areas "endangered species" ugh! I couldn't get away fast enough!

Now i am thinking i need to hide my "nilla" profile too! I have an afternoon drink lined up for both Tuesday and Wednesday of next week and regretting both! Maybe i need to ask more questions like "do you have a bird fetish?" That thought had not occurred to me until tonight!

After today, i am even more convinced the beach holds some medicinal remedy for me! I spent the majority of the day there and although i am tired and sunburned, my mind is feeling much better. I turned the cell phone off and ignored all my text messages! It was nice!

I am relaxed and at peace, now figuring out how to stay there, that may be the trick!

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