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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its Just Life...

What is it about "control" that is so exciting?

I noticed yesterday while chatting with someone online, i was looking down, feeling very little girlish. I wasn't looking at the keyboard, just sitting straight up in my chair, head bowed, hands at my sides. Glancing up occasionally to see what he had written, send reply, then return to the position.

Is this a "learned" behavior? Or is it something which is just a natural reaction for me? It doesn't happen with everyone i talk with, just certain Dominant Men instill that in me.

It was blatantly obvious yesterday.

We were discussing Daddy / lil girl relationships, and it became apparent. I told him he made me feel good, but i didn't give him the details. I didn't tell him he made me feel like that lil girl. I just said "good". Simply good!

But i do love that feeling. Knowing he is in control! Knowing he has that power over me.

For a few minutes i dance to that music. I allow my mind to go there, my body to feel it, my pussy to smile with the rhythm of the dance. It feels good! It feels free.

But i come back, i know its not real, its just the internet. In reality, it can be so different. My meetings have taught me that. The music can stop on a dime. No matter how much i want to hear the music, to feel the music, it is not within my control, and not within his control.

It is just life!

As beautiful and awesome as it is, it does not move at our pace, at our demands.

We bend to its whims.

Always a reminder of what a gift life truly is.

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  1. It really is amazing the sensations and feelings that a Dominant's control can evoke. If you figure out exactly why, let me know lol.