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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

missing out...

The internet has brought so many changes to this lifestyle, it is just incredible to consider how we used to function with out it!

I honestly do not remember that last book i read that was BDSM related.

I read all the Beauty series, many of the Gor series, Different Loving, Screw the Roses, SM101, all prior to the internet. But since then, nothing. My reading time is now spent online. Delving through the blogs, following the links. If there is a subject i want to know about, i just enter it in the search and there i go, everything one could ever want to know right at your finger tips.

And not always are those sources what one could consider as reliable.

It really is sad, and for myself, disappointing.

Now when i do get the opportunity to pick up a book, it is usually not lifestyle related. I get so overdosed on it that i tend to avoid it when away from my computer.

And i worry as well. One new to this lifestyle would fore go the books in lieu of the "search".

And they will be deprived the experience of "feeling" those words as they pass through their mind.

Which for me was very much a part of my experience in entering this beautiful world.

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  1. On the other hand, the internet has opened up this strange and incredible world to a whole new group of people, myself included, so I must say it has been a positive for me. I doubt I would have ever found anything out about this lifestyle had it not been for blogging.