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Sunday, March 27, 2011

and from within it comes...


"the quality or state of being strong; bodily or muscular power; vigor.
mental power, force, or vigor.
moral power, firmness, or courage.
power by reason of influence, authority, resources"

Yes being strong can be a great quality, but it can also have the opposite effect.

I often feel too strong, and wish that if only i were not of such a "strong" spirit, this journey would be so much easier.

I am at times a brat, a princess of sorts. I know what i want, and am unwilling to bend on that.

Unwilling or maybe its more incapable...

Either way, it is what i am.

When i attempt to loosen things, to soften the edges, to give in just a bit...

i get bit, some times hard, sometimes just nibbles, but enough that i retreat back to the strong minded, head strong Aries woman that i am.

I envision myself as this little girl, in a pretty little dress, hair in pretty little big tails, arms folded in front, and a big old scowl on her face, all because she can't have the pretty pony, or she needs to take her medicine ...

Its not that i want to feel that way, it just comes from frustration.

But from some where within, the strength of who i am as a woman, kicks in and whispers in my ear "patience" and it calms me, re focuses me and reminds me to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward, and eventually i will get there.

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  1. "I often feel too strong, and wish that if only i were not of such a "strong" spirit, this journey would be so much easier."
    It makes you more discerning than you would be if you were weak. It insures that you will be okay with or without the person you seek. It is part of who you are. It means that you will not settle before you find the Dominant that is right for you.
    This journey might be easier, but would it still lead you to where you want to be?
    I have been told that Dominating the weak is boring. That the submission of a strong woman is part of the appeal in Dominating...

    P.S love the picture of the little girl and thanking the heavens she isn't one of mine lol.