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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

a day at the beach

It's a Beach Day today and this girl can't wait! It is her second most favorite place in the world to be!

I should wait and do the blog when i return because i know my head will be in a much better place, however, i like knowing i have completed it for the day.

Today i will be sorting through the various "possible" hims that are currently taking up space there.

First is TS, each time we get involved in a deep conversation, he gets interrupted by business. Last night was the final straw, he said i will call you in a second and after waiting 15 minutes i told him to call me when he has room in his life for "this". He did not respond back, so i assume he was not happy with that.

Next of course is V, i have had no communication with him since the thank you last week. Which is completely "normal" with him. But that doesn't mean i have not thought about him in great detail.

And finally we have CC, he is not far away, but the one i think of most often aside from V. He is funny, charming, attractive and intelligent. Yes that pretty much covers my list of desired qualities. However, i know he has played a great deal in his past, he has no desire to "live" it. He is much more a bedroom Dom. Remember that square peg i was talking about yesterday?

I do want to live this life, not just in the bedroom, but outside those confines as well.

I need my mind to be converged in the dynamic.

So there we go, food for thought for the beach.

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