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Saturday, March 19, 2011

which way is up....

In as much as i whine about this search, it has brought many gifts into my life as well. I know much more about myself then i did when i entered the search initially. The things i thought i wanted or needed in my life have evolved tremendously.

In the beginning i was basing what i thought i needed, on what was lacking in my previous relationships. And although eventually that helped to develop what was truly important, it was the wrong way to go about it.

By focusing on the past, the Dominant men i met were placed in a position of comparison.

What is so very neat about this lifestyle is the variety. Each and everyone has in their mind what they need or want. And you search for the "fit". Sometimes it may call for an adjustment here and there.

But by keeping my mind open, with a willingness to grasp the extent of those differences, i am awaken to new ideas, new thoughts, new journeys.

And there is nothing wrong with that ...

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  1. Indeed there isn't anything wrong with that! - Life is an adventure :)