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Thursday, March 31, 2011

where my mind wanders...

It has been a while since i have even thought of how very much i miss it, but oh i do miss it. It is not the type of thing i can, in anyway, do for myself.

A deep deep craving i cannot "satisfy".

When the thought of it enters my mind, a warmth enters my soul.

Ohhh it is a nice feeling indeed.

When he puts me over his knee, my ass protruding in the air, he just teases me at first, slow directed slaps, perfectly aimed, perfectly choreographed.

The momentum builds.

The strength with which each one lands, the sting, a bit more each time.

Then he pauses to rub the redden cheeks, to feel the heat, to smooth the stings, only to return with more force, more determination, faster, harder strokes perfectly placed.

As the intensity builds, so does the desire, but he knows that, and that only adds fuel to the fire.

Yes, he is enjoying it almost as much as i...