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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Man Vs Master Part 2

My blog has been under attack lately by some sort of bug, so yesterday i spent the majority of my day, cleaning up and restoring my computer. Knock on wood it does seem to be working today.

So no one knew i had a date last night.

Yes just a normal go out and have fun date with C. I discussed C previously in my Man vs Master blog in January. He was the last man this girl "gave it up" to. He is a sweety, but nilla, with a touch of a memory issue. We went out on several dates over a month and a half but it would have been a few more, had he not "forgot" our plans. Of course that was not how he saw it at all. But regardless, the sex was hot, steamy hot for nilla, and i am not completely convinced he is nilla.

He calls me "lil girl", which as you all know just sends me flying into another world. When he kisses me he grabs me firmly by the hair and pulls me close to him, he has a tendency to "direct" the scene, just little clues that say "he gets it".

The ad he answered was on a nilla dating site, where i said i was seeking a 50's style relationship. With the ad, i had posted a picture of Betty Page. I had hundreds of responses in the 3 days it was up. The ad went up at 7 am he responded by 8 am, we met by 7 pm, and 2 days later i took the ad down. He was the only one i contacted from the ad. Things started very hot, although it was not until after Christmas that we actually slept together, but when we did, it was well worth the wait.

I have never discussed this "side" of me with him. But he has been staying in touch and last night, we got together again. Now we have "plans" not firm ones, but a kind of like "loose plans" for the week end.

So we will see where this plays out...

Meanwhile, i am still distancing myself from all the "potentials" i was speaking with. My messenger has been off. And i am rather enjoying that! There is no one attempting to "Dominate" me online, and it feels nice.


  1. Encouraging indeed :) Good luck with your 'loose plans'

  2. ah Thank you Clive, a mere band aid. I am fully aware...