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Thursday, March 10, 2011

the discovery

I love the feeling when a Dominant can pull the lil girl out with just some simple conversation. It reinforces the feelings of how very much i need to be on this path.

It actually brings an inner smile. Who can't use some occasional fuzzies inside?

I guess that is what a day at the beach brings with it.

I love the lil girl inside.

She opens up the "freedom" to laugh and giggle, to act coy, to tease, to feel cute and sweet and carefree.

Her curiosity, her yearning and her innocence all instill a feeling of release for me, of letting go, of surrender.

I wish i could just stay in that world.

It is truly where my heart is happiest.

And what is really wonderful about this, is understanding this, grasping this, accepting it completely and allowing it to flourish.

This journey is not "all" about finding him, its also about discovering who i am and what drives me.

This is a very good step.

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