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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Being different...

I received word yesterday that a friend was just diagnosed with Cancer.

I have lost two of my best friends to this horrible disease in the past 2 years.

It is something that hits home with me personally.

When i was diagnosed in 1998, it was a death sentence, one i knew i had no choice but to fight with each breath in me. Thirteen years later, all is well!

It makes me different. But not in a bad way, just ... different.

The image i have of that struggle, is unique to me.

I am aware of the strength i possess, and in that, i find comfort.

But for my friend, my thoughts are with him....


  1. I'm sorry about your friend. There is nothing easy about cancer.

  2. I am 6 years out and fingers crossed.
    We are strong...and fragile.
    Your friend..nobody should have to go through it. My best hopes and wishes for him on this bastard of a journey.
    For you..deep breath..one foot in front of the other.