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Saturday, March 12, 2011

mmmmm lust.....

I am not certain where the "moral" attitude within me came from, but it is there.

I don't do one night stands.

It is just is not within my make up to go home with some one, screw their brains out and be on my way.

I think i enjoy the dance too much.

The looking within, the exploration, the lust.

I had a date Thursday night that brought me to the threshold of the moral dilemma.

It happened quickly.

a few flirtly emails and text messages, and the plans were made to meet that night.

Yes he is local (jumping for joy).

Yes the chemistry is hot hot! (more jumping)

And i was close, very close to abandoning morality and just "going" for it.

But i didn't.

I held tight.

He had plans to go away with his kids for the week end which is what led to the "hurry up" and meet.

But we have plans for Sunday night when he returns.

And after the sweet text yesterday, and the steamy titillation i have felt since Thursday night, i may just have to go for it!

Just "let go".

And if it turns out to be more than a one nighter, that will be wonderful.

However, I will attempt to not have "expectations" of beyond one night, to tread lightly, to not worry about the "beyond the moment", and just enjoy.....

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