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Friday, March 11, 2011

on internet dating....



Rule # ONE , Always ask for a PHOTO

Rule # 2

Always ask for
more than one photo.

I love this! It rings so true with a few of my experiences on meeting men online.

Things are rarely as they appear.

There have been times in this search when i will communicate with a Dominant, and everything feels "perfect", i let him in, i submit.

I do as the good girl is told to do.

And as my submission to him grows, i start developing "feelings".

Months go by, we talk daily sometimes 4 or 5 times a day.

He has become the focus of my day.

I tune out everyone else.

We meet.

My heart sinks.

All those feelings i had, were nothing more than fantasy.

He is not the man i have created in my mind.

And that is why i do not submit prior to meeting anymore!


  1. Great pictures, I love the way you've displayed the point with graphic and humorous photos. The bigger and more serious lesson is that online relationships are not the same animal as in person, day to day, whose gonna cook, stop farting in bed, I hate the way she chews, etc...

  2. oh so true... a painful lesson for sure, but one i am delighted i have learned.