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Saturday, March 26, 2011

elbow grease...

"I can't"

"if you don't try, how do you know you can't"

Words that resonate within me.

When there is something i want to do, but it seems impossible, i hear those words rumbling about in my mind, and from "some where" the effort springs forward.

To say i am at times, head strong and determined, is really putting it lightly.

So when i see a lack of effort from others, i put it in the "too lazy" or "not quite important enough" column, shake my head in disappointment for them, and move on.

So enter Dom GH, "i want to get to know you, to know what is inside that head".

"okay here is the link to my blog"

a week or two passes "have you read my blog?"

"No not yet"

hmmm the lazy Dom,, or perhaps it is just not that important ..... No Thanks!

To be a Dominant Man takes a tremendous amount of work. It is a never ending amount of work. There is no button you push and "now i will be a Dominant".

However, often when "speaking" with these men, it appears as though they think there is this magic button some where, and everything just falls into place.

But i am aware, much more so than most of them appear to be, of the effort needed to make things work, on both sides of the coin.

They think that if they say "this" i will do "that". And when it doesn't quite happen that way, it must be something wrong with me.

"It worked with the last submissive woman i knew".

"then she must have been much more submissive than me" >smiles<

ha ha!

And why is it that she is no longer a part of your life?

It amazes me how many former submissive women left their Dominants to "take care of a sick or ailing parent" or had a "job transfer".

I want to shake them, to tell them of the work it takes, to show them there is no button. It takes work, it takes energy and most importantly it takes Desire!

But then, that is not very submissive like, now is it....


  1. You are, of course, correct, but where on Earth do you keep coming up with these pseudo-Doms?

  2. lol ... i know, the Collar me syndrome!