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Saturday, March 5, 2011

so the Date happened

I know everyone is on pins and needles waiting for my blog about Dinner with V.

So not to disappoint, here it is.

It started with my Lucy moment, took a right instead of a left and then i was late.

He was early!

The second i saw him sitting there, my heart hit mega speed! Oh god he looked great!

Even better than my mind had remembered!

A nice tight embrace, followed by a nice long sensuous kiss. The lil girl was floating. We talked, we laughed, we flirted.

Then he invited me back to his house. Yes the good girl let go and went along for the ride.

I learned some really wonderful things about him there. He showed me his life, the things that matter to him. We talked about his back ground in the lifestyle, which is much more intense than mine. Our marriages, our childhoods, our families. The type of things friends talk about.

But... we did not play! Not really. Small little things here and there. At one point he was sitting on the sofa and i was on my knees at his feet (fully clothed) but ohhhh did i feel i was at the place i wanted to be!

It fit!

I didn't tell him how bad i wanted him right there, but something inside me, kept telling me it!

Yes i am still smitten, even worse than i was before!

Then the good bye, i drove home, taking in each and every beautiful moment along the way.

Realizing also, he is still not ready!

And fully accepting the label of "friend".

Its a good place to be with him. I know that.

I considered dropping him a note, thanking him for such a wonderful night, but then thought it would be better to allow time.

And in my mail yesterday was a note from him, thanking me!

I almost wish he had been rude, insulting, and obnoxious. I could put him away and move on...

But .. when i think of the smile he brings to my heart, it is truly beautiful, he is just as i thought him to be, a wonderful, charming and delightful Man, who just so happens to currently have a broken heart.

But i have time.

And as i said before if it is meant to be, it will....

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  1. I am pleased that this appears to be working out for you..I am enjoying your blog and look forward to the next installment.