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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I am missing my mark as of late. I feel as though i have jumped off my path, and on to another. Not sure what this other is, and i am definitely unsure if its a good one or not.

I think frustration is the catalyst.

I need to let it go where it may, and hope that the other end is a place of familiarity.

But to just let go and take the ride, stop fighting the journey and just breath...

I know where my goal is, that part is clear.

The unknown part is the journey getting there.

I have always thought i have taken the path of least resistance, but maybe that is just not true.

Maybe that path is one of moving blindly forward, of releasing things that have held me back.

I have over thought, resisted things which felt "different" or odd to me.

At times thinking, that is not me, that is not who i am, and quickly dismissing ideas outside the box.

So i am putting on the blindfold, and walking forward. Lets just see where this path leads....


  1. The only thing that really exists is the path. The goal, or the place the path is supposed to be taking us, is just an illusion, a way of tricking us to getting on the path in the first place. Enjoy the feel of each step, the gravel crunching beneath bare toes, or the feel of the gritty dirt that gets caught between them, the hot asphalt under your dry heel...it's all there for you to enjoy, with a few hot spanks thrown in here and there for good measure.

  2. Very interesting way to view it. Thank you!