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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

wanton lust....

I would like to report that my lunch date went well, but.. I can't.

We met, i was late 5 minutes, and he was annoyed about that.

But he knew the possibility of that was there when he set the time.

I was at work, i do not have a set time for lunch, i go when i can break away.

I did my best!

Anyway, we talked, we ate, we hugged good bye, yes hugged, not kissed!

Was there chemistry?

In comparison to others i have met yes, but in comparison to V .. No!

No burning desire for him to reach under my skirt, and play with my pussy.

Ah so life goes on...

And V? No calls, no emails, nada, nothing!

It is so me to want so bad the one i cannot have.

The one my mind wanders to when considering what i am looking for.

Of course, i gravitate to the emotionally "unavailable one".


The beach is calling....


  1. You will find someone as soon as you stop looking? There are more fish in the sea, though these days the oceans seem to be filled with a toxic muck. Good luck!

  2. You're trying way too hard....not all relationships are easy to grasp. Move the an approachable attitude but don't accept bad manners! Who cares if you're 5 minutes late?