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Monday, March 14, 2011

A day at work...

Occasionally when i am going about my "normal" day, things will "happen" that remind me of who i am inside. Often those little reminders bring with them a smile, or a warm feeling of contentment inside.

They are sweet, and always welcomed.

Yesterday i had the pleasure of that experience.

It was an exchange between a couple i was dealing with at work.

They were really a cute couple together, she was a bit on the silly side, the lil girl shining through from her, and he was most assuredly Dominant.

As i watched their exchange, the love between them very obvious, i felt honored.

Here we were in public, a very nilla setting, but their dynamic quite clear to me.

As i observed their body language, she would do something silly, and he would smile, almost blush, but you could see the joy he felt, the pride of ownership.

To the normal person, they seemed like a normal happy couple.

But it was blatantly obvious.

He would shoot her a "look" and she would reign it in. But always with a smile.

She was happy, she was content.

An air of confidence about him, his control leading them, he too was content and happy.

It brought to me some warm fuzzies inside. Just knowing how special their connection was, how lucky they were to have found each other, and how lucky i was to understand what i was watching unfold.

It certainly made my day at work much more enjoyable.

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  1. You're becoming quite observant! There are couples like that everywhere, just watch. Some you'll enjoy seeing, some will be too harsh, but they're there, trust me!