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Monday, March 28, 2011

running off to chase Butterflies again...

Not at all unlike most bloggers, i spend a great deal of time surfing through and reading other peoples blogs.

Considering their experiences, comparing them to my own.

This morning after visiting  Sfp's my topic has changed.

I am absolutely delighted for her...

But that has not happened to me and i ask myself, is it me?

Then i roam over to Aisha's

And find this is more my CM experience.

This i am unfortunately, an expert at.

I begin a dialogue, and then within minutes or maybe a few hours, they are asserting their "Dominance"...

And i run...

They are left standing there saying "what did i do wrong? "

I feel like i could be any "submissive", and it would be the same words spewing from their keyboard.

I do not want to feel that way.

And maybe that is the "princess" in me that wants to feel unique or special, who is searching for that "unique or special Dominant".

Is that being realistic?

So i am taking a walk, stepping away, gathering my thoughts, off to chase butterflies once again.


  1. Absolutely realistic! - why settle for second best! And you are unique Histoy, we all are. Besides, chasing butterflies is great fun :)

  2. awe thank you for the much needed smile Clive...

  3. No use settling for something less than great (: I agree with Clive..chasing butterflies is great fun!!!

  4. i love this post for a lot of reasons. i was the last one of my friends to marry at 35 years old. Everyone including me had given up on me. i didn't know what i wanted for myself until i found it, really. It hasn't been a fairytale romance really if you've ever read back in my blog, you'll see we're a normal couple with normal trouble. The thing is, when we met (we met on line) we knew that it was going to be good. i believe in that for you and for everyone. Clive is right, don't settle for second best. Wait for that THAT feeling, wait for that "One", but i would just caution you this; Don't pass by that One, to see if there might be One better on the horizon.

    Peace and blessings to you.

    MD's treasure

  5. By allmeans keep looking but don't miss the one that may show up from an unexpected source. Keep your light burning, even if you put it under a basket from time to time!

  6. Bright elusive butterfly of love...

  7. You deserve the best of love and domination, so keep chasing those butterfly's!