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Monday, March 21, 2011

stroking the fire...

They came from all directions yesterday, putting me on the defensive.

Some i had met previously, but felt no connection with.

Others that i had simply spoke with, but never met.

All with the same message.

Telling me of the mistake i made by passing them by.

They were feeling rejected. Their egos dented.

Their motives clear, to strike back, to hurt me.

But by doing so, they simply reinforced my decision to move on.

Listening to my "gut" instinct has become a tool that i use often.

For that i am grateful.

Today i have a lunch meeting planned.

No unsettled feelings thus far. Just a twinge of excitement of what "may" be.

He is relatively local, and has been nothing but a gentleman to this point.

The discussion has been very "getting to know you" and not based on the sexual aspects. Although the degree that sex plays in this lifestyle is important, it is not the driving force in determining who "he" is.

So very many miss that.

For this girl, it starts with the "mental" aspects. I need to like the man he is first and foremost. If that exist, the rest will come.

My need to submit to him will never be based solely on what he does with his Cock, but rather his mind, his heart, his soul.

That is the place the "fire" begins, from there it builds, the desire strengthens, until it cannot be ignored.

The one for me knows this, he gets it!


  1. Good luck on the luncheon meeting. Hope all goes well. And you are on the right track in thinking about the mental aspects first.

    The guy who wins your heart -- and body -- will be very fortunatge indeed.


  2. Thank you FD, we are being cautiously optimistic...

  3. You are absolutely right Head, then heart then hormones. I do hope lunch went well and it fuelled your appetite rather than sated it, so to speak :)

  4. Unfortunately, that is where there is sometimes a disconnect between men and women. There are a large number of men who seem to be able to overcome any mental aspect of a relationship and skip right to the physical (and some women as well, but to a lesser degree, I believe).

    Sex is certainly a physical act, but good sex is so nuanced and emotional that I can't possibly imagine having sex with anyone other than my lizard, who is the most wonderful woman I could ever hope for.

    I do wish you the best. It sounds like this one might have his head on his shoulders which is half the battle. Then there's chemistry....

  5. Perhaps he is the one. If so, have a truly great time. If you choose to lead with your heart, use care; many don't appreciate the simple fact they can break, then no one is happy.

  6. Definately go with your gut feeling. So many times we don't listen to ourselves only to regret it later.
    I agree with your statement that it starts with the mental. If a man can capture my attention my body usually follows.
    Good luck.