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Sunday, March 20, 2011

The hearts venture..

I honestly do not think it is that difficult.

Understanding what most submissive women need.

Granted i say "most".

There are always exceptions.

I am no exception.

I protect my heart fiercely.

I am not unlike most submissive women, strong yet extremely fragile.

I run with my heart in hand, hoping not to stumble and fall.

I define the path, the speed at which i run, and how tightly or loosely i hold that heart.

If the path looks crowded, or convoluted, my grasp is tighter, more focused.

I am not careless with my heart, often finding myself encasing that heart with an endless amount of determination and fortitude.

It is not even remotely possible for this girl to spread a little here and a little there.

If i offer my heart, it is fully and completely, without restraint.

It is in doing so, in letting go of that heart, that my submission can flourish, that my freedom is found.

It is trust, knowing that you will hold it with the same care, the same reverence as i.

You will protect it fiercely as well, always mindful of the delicateness in which it exist, and the reasoning behind why it was offered.

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