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Sunday, January 9, 2011

red flags...

  And the list narrows.  After a rather long conversation with I last night, i have decided too many red flags on this one and i need to pass. As a reminder he is the one who felt it was perfectly reasonable to insist i only wear heels and skirts in 40 degrees. In speaking with him last night, i was asking about his history in the lifestyle. He explained that the woman he had been involved with, had after a year or so, decided they were no longer submissive. All of them?  hmmm  He claims they were weak when the relationships started (i guess this is when they were submissive lol) and he built them up to a point where they felt they no longer needed him!  Ok then!   Yes this is one i will pass on....

 And tonight is the meeting with no chemistry J, i have not yet canceled but i think i will drop him a line today to do that.  I have no doubt that he is a man that would be an excellent Master, but, and i may be wrong here, i just feel you need chemistry.  I don't think you can force that, or maybe that is the part of me that is being unrealistic. Is that why it has been two years since i have had a man i desire to call Master?  Oh great now i am flip flopping again!

 I need the beach, this cold weather is getting to me!  The beach is where i find myself.  Something about sitting in the sand and soaking up sun rays that brings such a peace to me!

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