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Thursday, January 27, 2011


"Toy, you come on too strong, too forceful, calm down, let things flow...."

Yes i cannot disagree, i am a strong woman. But for me, it is my protection. Its this shell that i keep myself cocooned in. And for a Dominant man, i could see where this may be a bit challenging, however, i want a man that can view a challenge as being a positive. This lifestyle is not about sex to me. It is about the energy that moves from him to her and back to him. It is the mental aspects, including the erotic desires that swirl about in ones mind while thinking about him, or seeing him in person.

There have been times that while chatting, those thoughts, those images have shown themselves to me, and yet when we meet, nothing! Just a big brick wall of ... well Bricks!

And i am mindful of those experiences. The mental part can be great, but it in itself can not sustain. There needs to be a higher force present between the two energies that facilitates the flow.

And that is something no one can control!

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