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Friday, January 28, 2011

The phone call...

Its a funky Friday for this girl. I am feeling as if i am having an internal fight within my gut. Never a good feeling! And so many times i have kicked myself for not listening to that feeling, for checking it off as "silly".

But the feeling is undeniably there. And i know the cause, i just do not know the solution.

Well not true, i do know the solution.

I know what i would tell a friend if they had this feeling.

"Go with your gut" There is a reason it is signaling you. Listen to it! It is a flag, a large RED flag.

So what brought this feeling? Something silly, as is the course for this one.
After talking online for almost 6 weeks now, JS finally called yesterday. Yes i heard his voice for the first time. No it wasn't the voice that planted the flag, he has a wonderful voice. It was the "restricted" that he used prior to calling. When i questioned him as to why, his response was "you may be a psycho" huh? me?

So the brakes have been pushed, the hand is on the shifter, reverse is clearly in sight!

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