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Thursday, January 20, 2011

the message?

Dreams can be so funny sometimes.  I rarely remember my dreams, but this morning i do.

I was testing giant, now i mean giant vibrators. But i was not allowed to put it on my clit or anywhere near my pussy. (M/s undertones?)  Also in the room was a couple, with their kids intermittently walking in and out of the room. (guilt?) I was dressed only in bra and panties as i held it on my thigh.  The end of the unit looked more like a tongue than a cock, and it moved like a tongue as well. And some how in this dream, i reached orgasm.

So is this some repressed feelings of my bisexuality coming through. I have always had an appreciation for the beauty of a woman's body. I have over the years had several "playful" relationships with women. But i never felt the mental connection with women that i have felt with men.

Or maybe its just because i am soooo horny...

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