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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

what the day may bring..

  As usual A is simply no different.   Although i have hardly spoke with A in the past few days, i did do a search on him, and found an interesting tidbit.  He belongs to a singles social networking group in the area he lives.  He had reserved to attend the local function last night.  I was patiently waiting to see if he would confess this to me, but no, 2 steps forward, 6 steps back.  He lied!  He said he had a "work" emergency he had to leave for.  He has no clue that i know about it.  But he will find out, slowly, painfully when i ask about it.  But i think i will wait, i will let him dig his hole first.  This particuliar organization takes alot of pictures during their events.  So i will wait until the picture is posted.  Yes i can be evil sometimes too.  But nothing compares in my book to dishonesty.  It is not to be forgiven!  Time does not heal it.

  So tonight is my "meet"  with No Chemistry J.  I find myself with a slight hint of excitement about it.  If there is just a touch of desire for him then maybe chemistry can be developed with time.  Maybe i tend to look too hard for chemistry, maybe i place too much weight on it. I know the last time we met for dinner, i looked at him just knowing he is a very strong dominant man, he is extremely intelligent, he is a sadist, he works extremely hard yet is filled with passion for his work.  He understands what it is that i am seeking, but has not dwelled on the M/s thing.  He has looked instead at the "woman" side of me rather than the "submissive" side of me. Of that i am most appreciative!  The flip side is he is short, he is my height, he tends to talk a lot about his work, which i am not a scientist, so for me can become a bit boring, but as he is doing so, his passion is clear. So that makes it seem somewhat interesting, to see his eyes sparkle when he talks about it. I have no doubts that he would do all he could to insure my "needs" were being met as long as his were as well! He likes structure, he likes routine, he is strict, no BS.  He wants things his way. That i admire and respect!
So yes i am interested in looking at this dynamic, and see if something, anything is within me that assures me this is a good fit. He is certainly convinced it is!

  It is looking a bit cloudy out today, so whether it is a beach day is yet to be seen! One can only hope...

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