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Friday, January 14, 2011

The new cast emerges

 For the past 2 hours i have been in instant messaging. (i know new years resolution broken already)  We now have new faces in the stands.

 The first is cutie J. He has a tendency to wait for me to come online, at least that is how it seems to me. He is always the first to say good morning to me. We have been talking off and on for a few weeks now, and up until this past week, it was always in general terms.  But now he wants to look deeper.  I see him as having a very good sense of humor, very important to me, some what interesting, although he hasn't shown me a great deal of himself yet.  I went on cam yesterday so he knows i am real, not some old man wanking off to the conversation. He lives relatively close, an hour maybe two away. And although our conversations have just started to touch the surface of the lifestyle i have a good feeling about him.

  Next character is N, he unfortunately is half a world away!  Yes that equates to another Continent. Although his english is really pretty good, every once in a while, the wrong word is substituted but i understand the general meaning!  The idea is romantic, however, the reality is not, but i will enjoy it while i can!

  Next is Ken doll, gorgeous man.  I maybe fighting my gay friends over him!  He writes nicely, very smooth.  We have exchanged several emails, probably about 20 or so, but again he lives on the other side of the country.  Another Cali Dom!

 And finally we have E, probably the most interesting of all. He is very much into the mental aspects, as am i.  Seemingly quite serious in his search, as am i.  Knowledgeable, attractive, intelligent...  This is the one that grabs me. I can feel the pull! 

 Tonight is the munch!  For that i am overflowing with excitement!  Just getting out amongst the fellow kinkster is always a good thing!  I work late tonight and early tomorrow, so it will definitely be a tough day tomorrow sleep wise, but hopefully, worth it!  My mind is wandering, will V be there, will R be there with his new lil girl, what will i wear, shall i go for the lil girl thing or the sexy hot thing!  Hmmm just not sure yet! Think i will go shoe shopping and decide then!

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