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Saturday, January 15, 2011

this moment...

  Living in the moment is all about not looking at the past, nor looking forward to the future, it is right here right now.  So why is this so damn difficult?  I am happy in this moment, alone or maybe lonely, but happy.  However, my mind strays, it wanders between the past and how i envision my future.  Rarely am i living in the moment!

  The past is treasured, it is not mistakes or should of, would of or could ofs.  It was good, i learned a tremendous amount about who i am, and what i need in my life.  It was all necessary to get me to the path i am on now.  The path that test my patience on a daily basis! I love learning and the realization that evolves from learning. The lessons precious and limitless, have sculpt  my needs and wants into a much more visible goal. I can see it, i know its there, and constantly i am reaching for it, but never really touching it. Maybe if my arms were longer, maybe i could grab it, hang on to it.

Once i do, i will not let go! 


  1. Living in the moment is a wonderful thing. Very few of us do it for more than single moments at a time. But when it happens, it really is beautiful.

  2. Thank you! It is a nice thought, and certainly an aspiration!

  3. There is a good amount of zen philosophy in what you say here, especially the part about your mind wandering between the past and your vision of the future, but rarely in the present. I like that you recognize that.