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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Assume ... Nothing!

So i had two meets scheduled today. Both set up four or five days ago. The first was Mr M. Going into the meeting, i honestly thought 15 minutes tops, he is going to be dry, no sense of humor, pocket protector type. Boy was i ever wrong! He was very charming, witty and quite inquisitive. I must say a very pleasant surprise! It ended up being a two drink meet, which is extremely rare for this girl.

The second one which i had high expectations for was JH. I began speaking with him about a month ago, but then came the holidays, we got busy and never set up a meet officially. Then about a week ago he called asking if i was still interested. Of course i was a week ago, so i said yes, and plans were made. First for 8 pm tonight, then when i checked with him at 6 he moved the time to 8:30. No problem. So i go to the designated location, and wait. Now this one i thought, was going to be the "good" one. Ha ha once again my expectations were crushed. I finally received a text apologizing as something "weird" happened and he would not be able to make it!
Like maybe your dying?
At least in the emergency room?
And you didn't know 10 minutes before the designated time that you were not going to be able to make it?


But Mr M, ah Mr M, sent me a message asking if i would be game for a second meeting! Yes i am game, bring it on!

And for JS, well not really sure what happened to him today, we were chatting, discussing some very important details like the color of my panties, then "poof" he disappeared, never to return. He swears he is not married, but that thought has occurred to me more than once. Like this past Sunday with out a word?
So i am trying to move slow and not have expectations there.

Because, we know how well that works out....

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