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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ten minutes of bliss

  Last night while getting ready for the munch i start a conversation with a local Dom, we will call him OS, 50 years old, just moved to the area, does not know anyone here...blah blah.  Of course lil miss fix the world and make it a happy place, agrees to meet for a drink tonight!  Even though she is functioning on about 4 hours of sleep, and worked a 9 hour day today, she will be nice and meet him for a drink.  Rushes home from work, jumps in the shower, changes her clothes the proverbial eight times to find the "just right" look for the night, speeds like she is in the indy 500 to get there, and...  i kid you not.... he was 80 years old!  Now, there is lying and then there is just plain insane!  Saying he was 50 was not lying!   I was looking for the walker because surely he must need one at this age and condition.  He could not understand my fury, why i would NOT stay and have a drink with him!  UGH!  So the OS i have named him stands for my reaction when i realized who he was! Oh Shit!

 So the munch last night was basically another disappointment for me!  Maybe 50 people, Dom to sub ratio 1:20!  So in other words, there were 2.5 Dominate men there last night!  Yes that is correct! Needless to say, i was home by midnight!  At which time, i proceeded to speak online with a few from CM, OS being one of them.  Surprised he could stay awake that late but he did, waiting for me to return from the munch, to hear all the sordid details!  So i end up finally going to sleep around 3 am only to wake up at 7 am to go to work today!  Big mistake all the way around. 

 However, (now for the good part) 10 minutes before i am to leave for work, i get a message from E, that was undeniably the best 10 minutes of my day! Hated to leave, even considered not leaving, calling in late, but i was such a "good girl", floated off to work, thinking of our great conversation, wishing i could have had more time, and thinking of all the images he had planted in my mind.   He just feels "good" from every angle!

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