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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The head strong submissive...

  If the Aries seems brusque or disinterested it is because her mind is set on a goal that entirely absorbs her energy. Anything that interferes becomes an annoying distraction. Once the Aries sets her sights on someone or something, that becomes an urgent and immediate priority. If you are that goal, you can be sure that you will be showered with a love that burns as bright as the sun, and you can expect to be blessed with the greatest fire of devotion.

  I was speaking with a friend telling him of my struggles of the week when he told me i have a tendency to hold onto high expectations.  And i do not disagree with that at all.  He thinks that in the "getting to know you process" i am very unforgiving.  And here is where we disagree, he thinks often in this phase, that i am too quick to judge, too quick to dismiss!  That my mind is focused on what i "think" i need.  And not opened to other possibilities.  Well, maybe, I am an aries woman, very head strong, but honesty is not an area of compromise! How can it be in this lifestyle? If one is not honest in the beginning, he surely will not be anywhere else in the process! I am honest to a fault, if A had asked if i had other plans to meet other men, yes i would have confessed to plans with J, why would i want to hide that?  Why hide anything?   If A had simply said he had previous plans to meet other woman, i would have been completely fine with that!  But he opted (whether it was to avoid misconceptions or not) to make up a story!  I thinking sticking to my ideals is the best for me!

  In my mind, there are only a few things i feel are a necessity for me to be content. Honesty, communication, responsibility, and chemistry.  They are absolute needs! And although they encompass many other elements within each one, i just cannot bend on them.  I would rather be without than to sacrifice any of them!

 I think it would be different if i were merely looking for a "play" partner.  However, submission to me is not something i can just call upon and "poof" its there for anyone or everyone.  With R it was there in the beginning not at first site, but almost. When i met V it was there, i felt it in my mind, my heart and my pussy!
So i will hold out until i feel it again, i have to believe it will come again!

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