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Saturday, January 22, 2011

just breath...

It is really is a great world we live in. I can complain about my search, about all the idiots and morons i crossed paths with. But in the end, that i am able to even pursue my dreams, is in itself glorious. Sometimes i have a tendency to forget how wonderful life can truly be. I get busy with work, things at home, family or friends, and i forget to breath. My blog is my breathe. It allows me the opportunity to examine things that are important to me. I am free to dream, to fantasize, to live life to its fullest.

Just Breath....

So the line up has had some considerable shake ups this week. Cutie J is still the leading hopeful. Although, my conversations with him lately have been sporadic to say the least. Those stolen moments that we have shared, have been really nice. He does have the ability to "hold me" in his words. And with those words, i do see small glimpses of the man that he is. Rarely will he show them to me, but when he does, they sparkle!

And i am happy!

So new to the list this week we have added Mr. M. I first spoke with him back in October, and at that times my mind was focused elsewhere, so he basically fell to the side. Then this week he found his way back. So i have included him as i do intend to take a closer look this time.

Then in the 3rd spot we have FM, he is new this week, and from the few emails we exchanged, he is also looking quite interesting!

And of course, still hanging in there in fourth is N, although i was quite blunt with him in explaining an ocean between us does not allow me a serious thought of pursuit. So i will keep him in there for now, however, i think he is falling into that "friend" category. But friends are always good too!

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