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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The dance

Seduction, the well choreographed dance. The smoothness both apparent and welcomed. It can fill you with emotions from all levels, it grabs you and pulls you in, and then, just as easily delivers you to a completely different place. And in the process you are compelled to keep your eye on the dancer, the graceful moves, the expressions in her eyes, you're drawn to the dancer, you can feel what she feels, as she tells her story.

me: i must have been asleep
when it was decided you were my Dom?

Him: now that brought a hearty chuckle

me: yes it did

Him: True, it has not been officially decided, but
I believe, and you must agree, we are clearly heading down that path...

Yes i do agree, but it is not right around the corner either. It takes time. It is not a decision to be rushed. I need to be certain. I need to know he is as serious about this as i am.

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