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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The nitty gritty...

The week end is winding down, and with it so am i. When i am overly busy i seem to be overly stressed, so its always nice to "close" the week end. It is a time to re-focus myself, to plan the week and to set my goals for the up coming days. When i complete those goals, it is a very satisfying feeling inside. However, if something gets neglected, or i have no time to complete that particular task, it is a let down. So i try not to reach too high, but always mindful that they are goals and goals need to be set! It is part of my nature, that submissive nature, that pushes me always to do the best i can! And in failure, it is also that same nature that fills me with remorse, or with guilt.

And that is the root of my need....

So the entire day, not one word, nada nothing, from cutie J, this is probably the first day in a month that i have not had some form of communication with him. I am attempting to hold tight to that ever elusive virtue of "patience", but it is difficult. I miss not seeing that MKLS message from him. That is the pet name he has for me (my kinky little slut) I do love seeing those letters appear on my puter screen. It sends a "sweet" feeling tumbling through my body, and what girl doesn't want to feel that.... But i still wonder why he has been staying distant lately. But i will not ask, i will find patience from some where... ugh!

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