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Sunday, January 16, 2011

i don't think so...

  Very interesting conversation this morning.  I was asked to ponder how i would feel if after finding "him", after surrendering all to "him," he decides i need a tattoo on my face, what would i do? In the world of a "profound" slave i would have no alternative but to have my face tattooed.  However i do believe that prior to getting to that point, i would have an understanding of "him" and his wants and expectations.   i would need to consider the ramifications of such, like employment, family etc.  Great food for thought though!

  So i again have spent way too much time in instant messaging.  Having spoke with all the "cast" members in the past day or two.  And the list remains unchanged, however, order is changing.  E is still in the lead but cutie J is moving up. He is now in a close 2nd. Ken doll is moving to the 3rd spot and N retains the bottom (of course distance is always a factor with him) Although Ken doll is gorgeous, not certain he has the strength this one seeks. Cutie J however is asserting himself, showing me more of who he is.  He is funny, intelligent, in control, knows who he is, but i am not certain yet that he knows what he wants.  He knows what he "thinks" he wants, but i am not convinced of his complete awareness!  Patience.....

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