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Monday, January 24, 2011

And the mind is located where?

And Monday starts on a high note with the MLKS message, just to bring a smile to my half asleep soul. Life is good!

Enter new guy! He had his profile on CM, it read so nicely, speaking of the "mental" aspects, yes i think to myself, we are on the same page. A few emails later, phone numbers exchanged. I explain its late, it needs to be short.

He replies "Yes, short just to hear the voice".

Then he starts with "so tell me what you like to do to your Master".... ugh Back up!

I thought you said "it wasn't about the sex, it was about the mind"

Visions shoot through my head, he is laying there naked, phone in one hand, other hand is well.... lets say "holding his mind"

Yes, it is really clear to me at this point. The profile was taken from a book, "what to say to get laid" or from anothers profile, cut, copy, and paste!

Where ever it came from, it did not come from this mans mind... or maybe it did!

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  1. Some people can have very different personalities when they write versus how they actually act. That's why e-mail or even phone relationships can be very different from the real thing!