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Monday, January 10, 2011

I always enjoyed shopping til now....

  I am a complete wuss!  I emailed no chemistry J and told him i wasn't able to meet him last night and ended up re scheduling for Tuesday night instead! Oh well i should at least hear him out! Maybe he does have something to say! Maybe i have not given him enough of a chance. 

 So i spoke briefly with A yesterday, and as is usual he pressed me.  I really do hate it when we have not yet met and the "prospective" Dominant request things from me.  So of course it was the ole at 11 am touch yourself and think of me.  Really this is not something he needs to request, it already happened! But of course i am not telling him that.  So i explained my usual response on how we have not met and that is asking for something not yet "written".  He was put off by it, not anticipating it, and i think i hit his ego a bit. But he did say something about my preconceived ideas of what should or should not be, and really as much as i would like to, i could not argue with his statements.  Yes i do set high goals, high expectations, and maybe i am being a bit unrealistic, but when i choose the one, i honestly want it to be the right one.  I hate this "shopping" trip, and the sooner it ends, the better. But i will not settle, not on the major traits anyway. I have already passed on several who were offering the life i seek, just because there were "things" i did not feel were within my parameters.  Such as age.  Maybe it was the previous "Daddy" relationship but we had so few things in common outside of the D/s, that it made it feel too uncomfortable at times.  I love music, i love metallica, not Frankie Valle or Elvis.


 Today is my Friday, and i cannot wait to get the day over! Tomorrow is supposed to hit 79 degrees so maybe i can take a few hours to hit the beach, that would be heaven.

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