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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gripping tight....

" good morning MKLS "

" Ah Good morning my sweet Sir "

Yes a nice start to the day! Nothing like a little erotic chat to wake one up in the morning.

Lately my mind has been envisioning a bit of "over the knee". I love OTK, i find it to be a very sensuous bonding between a Man and a woman. So the thought alone stimulates me to a level of major arousal. JS and i (Formerly Cutie J, yes i have shortened his name) have discussed it on several occasions, and it is a common ground for us. He loves the control, and i love handing over that control.

And really, isn't that what it is all about?

We have discussed our likes our dislikes, my fears and insecurities, his desires, and "our" needs. We have discussed past relationships and what was wrong or what was right about them. It is a "learning about each other" stage, slipping my toe into the water to test the temperature. Now i think the water is about knee high, but the temperature is perfect. But still my hand is gripping tight to the sides, not quite ready to let go, to dive in, to release my grip. I know i need to hang on, just a few more weeks until we are in each others presence.

I love the feeling, the unknown, the hope, the inspiration.

And i know it is time to hide my profile on CM again, to put it in the closet, and close the door. And this time i hope i never have to open that door again, except to eliminate the clutter, to take out the trash. That day will certainly be one of celebration!

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