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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

it is all good...

Yes patience is one of those things that i struggle with constantly!  Honestly, i do not know where one gains it, or loses it, or why some have it and others do not. But i do know, i have none!  Yes cutie J has gone no where.  I did not chase him away.  Cutie J doesn't sound very domly does it?  i may have to change that if it ever gets serious!  hmmm will have to think of another name.  Something a bit more appropriate.  So the list is slimming down considerably. E is gone, broke the news to him today that we are not a good fit! So that leaves cutie J and N, but again N is so far away, he really doesn't count. Although he and i did skype yesterday, which was fun!

one of my all time favorites by Guns N Roses, Enjoy~


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