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Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Dominant checklist....

So in considering what it is i need for him to be, for me to feel as though i can take that leap of faith, this is just a few of the vital traits, or questions i need answered or asked. There are traits which go with out saying, dominant, strong, certainly very kinky, creative, younger, not bitter or negative, intelligent, and definitely without question he needs a sense of humor.

1. did he make me laugh

2. did he bring a smile to my heart

3. does he make me feel like the lil girl i am inside

4. has he been honest with me

5. do i trust that what he is saying is coming from his heart, and not a website explaining what to say to get laid

6. Can i feel the power that he has over me whether he is near me or not

7. would calling him Sir feel Natural, calling him Master

8. is his life in control

9. is he strict yet mindful

10. is he capable of truly looking at me and my actions, understanding them and dealing with them as need be

Now realize these are my "needs", there is nothing written in stone anywhere that says this is who you should be, or who you should look for. Each person has their own needs their own wants, but for me, this is what i need. And it would help if he looked like George Clooney too!

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  1. Congrats that is a very good checklist. Good luck on your search.